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Soles Thru Time
You've found your Source for custom Renaissance; Medieval; Fantasy and Science Fiction inspired shoes and boots

For Men and Women
Boots and slippers

Our footwear designs use museum collections, period art work, and cinema for inspiration or can be your own design. All historic periods are possible.

Orthopedic problems? We do that too.

Can I change the toe?
Yes. You can change almost everything. If you go the the detail section, it has a lot of the available options pictured. You can mix and match.

My feet are wide (narrow, size 14, have a high arch) can you make something for me?
Yes. With the proper measurements we can make a shoe (or boot) for you.

I don’t like anything I see on your site, can I send you a picture of what I want?
Yes you can. It may add a time to the process if we have to develop and trouble shoot a new pattern. We enjoy the challenge.

I have problems with my feet and wear orthotics. How do you accommodate them?
The measuring instructions tell you how to do the measuring with your orthotics.

Where do I find the measuring instructions?
They download when you click on the How to order button.

Why can’t I measure myself?
Your weight may not stay evenly balanced on your feet distorting the measurements. Accuracy is very important to a good fit. We prefer that you actually be able to wear the boots we make for you.

Why do I have to mail my foot tracing?
We’re old school and prefer to work with the original, not a copy that may or may not be accurate.

Can I get shoes to match my costume?
We do our best. If you can send us a sample of the fabric or color that you want, we make the round of our suppliers and get samples of the available leathers that will coordinate with the samples you’ve sent. We send them for you to chose from.

I want to do a costume from my favorite movie. Can you do the boots?
If you send pictures from as may angles as you can find we’ll do our best to interpret them. So far we’ve managed Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Tron, and a couple of fantasy games. Send us the pictures and we’ll take a look.

Can you do other historic periods?
Probably, send us a picture.

Order Forms
Download forms and instructions
After the price has been established, click on the "Buy Now" button it will take you to the PayPal's donation page. That is the solution that PayPal came up with to handle a custom product with no set pricing. Fill in the amount and it will process properly.