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    Measuring for all footwear
  • Using a dressmaker's tape measure on the metric side (it gives us more accurate measurements), have a friend do these measurements. Refer to the leg or foot diagram for measurement numbering and placement.

  • Foot size:
  • Stand on a hard floor (no carpet). Put a piece of paper under your foot and have a friend trace the outline of your foot. Make sure to hold the pencil straight up and down. It's best to do both feet. This full sized drawing(s) needs to be included with the order. The small one on the Measurement Information page is for reference only. Place measurements #1 and 2 on the full sized outline of your foot in exactly the place that you took them. These measurements and their placement is used to size the lasts used to make your footwear and needs to be accurate.

  • Measurement #1 -
  • While standing, put the tape under the ball of your foot at the widest
    point and measure over the top of your foot. Mark the location of the tape on the outline of your foot (see diagram). Record the measurement in the appropriate spot on the drawing.

  • Measurement #2 -
  • Move the tape under your foot to the arch and measure. Mark the tape location on the outline. This should be the high point on your arch. Don't measure into the transition area where the top of your foot turns at the ankle. Record the measurement on the drawing.

  • Measurement #3 -
  • Move the tape under the back of your heel and measure through the bend between your foot and leg. Mark tape position on your outline, record the measurement on the drawing. NOTE the accuracy of this measurement is VERY important for all boots. If you are unsure, consider the custom fitting option. We'll send you the boot without the sole for you to try on. If it doesn't fit, we can adjust it before we add the sole.

    For Boots
  • Take the tape out from under your foot. Determine the height from the floor that you
    want your boot to finish. Record that measurement on the drawing, (#4, 6, 8 or 10).

  • Measure around your leg at that height (#5, 7, 9 and 11). It's easiest to take these
    measurements on the outside of your leg. Put this measurement in the break in
    numbered line

  • Mid calf boots - Measure to the finish height you desire (#6). Record that measurement. Measure around your leg at that height (it should be the fullest part of your calf), and record it as #7. Do #4 and #5 also.

    Knee high boots - measure for $, #5, #6, #7, #8 and #9. Record these.

    Thigh high boots - measure and record as for knee high boots and add #10 and #11.