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Soles Thru Time
You've found your Source for custom Renaissance; Medieval; Fantasy and Science Fiction inspired shoes and boots

For Men and Women
Boots and slippers

Our footwear designs use museum collections, period art work, and cinema for inspiration or can be your own design. All historic periods are possible.

Orthopedic problems? We do that too.

Misc. Details
Ankle Gussets

Catalog# DM1
Appliqué with Laces
Catalog# DM1
Gusset with Metal buttons
Catalog# DM2
Gusset with Metal Buttons
Zippered Ankle Gusset
Catalog# DM3
Long gusset with laces
Catalog# DM8
Long Gusset with Laces
Gussets make a more fitted ankle possible and may be closed with buttons, laces or a zipper.
Painted Designs
Hand painted coat of arms applique
Catalog# DM4
Coat of Arms
Buckled Garters
Garters can be decorative or functional. On tall boots they can be used to tighten the fit so that the boot will not slide down your leg. If that's the way you choose to use them, the placement needs to be considered. If they are decorative, they can be placed where ever you'd like them.
Buckled Garters for high boots
Catalog# DM5
Loose Fitting Boots with Garters

example of scalloping and pinking around the ankle
Catalog# DM6
Scalloped edge with punched detail

Reproduction of shoe buckle from the 18th century
Catalog# DM16
18th century American shoe buckle reproduction

Catalog# DM7
Decorative Tabs
Catalog# DM7

Catalog# DM9
Decorative loops with contrasting lining
Catalog# DM9

Buckled ankle strap through tongue
Catalog# DM10
Buckled ankle strap through tongue

Shaped top with applique
Catalog# DM11
Shaped top with applique

Catalog #DM 11a
Shaped top with stitching
Shaped top with accent stitching
catalog# DM12
Shaped top with accent stitching

Buckled ankle overlay
catalog# DM13
Buckled ankle overlay
two color flat padded vamp
catalog# DM14
two color flat padded vamp

1 inch shaped heel
Catalog# DM17
1" Shaped Heel
1 inch heel
Catalog #DM 18
1" heel
Catalog #DM 19
Catalog #DM 19
2.25" heel
Catalog #DM 20
Catalog #DM 20
1.5" straight heel
More Details for Consideration
Your Coat of Arms: can be painted on your shoes or boots if the area is large enough to accomidate the design. If it is simple enough we can cut the design through the leather and apply a lining from behind. We'll need a clear DETAILED copy to work from.

Embroidery Patterns: can be added with paint and would look especially good on the toes of a slipper. We have a library of Jacobean and Celtic patterns that are available or you can give us a copy of your favorite. A border design could be added on the edge color.

Your Fabric: can be made into your slippers or boots. It needs to be a tightly woven upholstery fabric. We would be happy to let you know if it is possible. Send a large sample for us to test

Your Custom Designs: can be made , send us a picture for a quote.
Leather Colors
Standard:- Black, Brown, Beige, Dark Grey, Light Grey. NOTE: all colors will vary depending on current stock.

Upgrades:- Red, Crimson, Burgundy, Dark Purple, Medium Purple, Plum, Aubergene, Navy, Medium Bright Blue, Medium Dusty Blue, Light Blue, Yellow, Mustard, Teal, Dark Green, Emerald, ETC...

*If the color needs to match a fabric (or anything else). Send us a swatch and we will choose the best matching hide