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Soles Thru Time
You've found your Source for custom Renaissance; Medieval; Fantasy and Science Fiction inspired shoes and boots

For Men and Women
Boots and slippers

Our footwear designs use museum collections, period art work, and cinema for inspiration or can be your own design. All historic periods are possible.

Orthopedic problems? We do that too.

Cuff options include attached and turned down styles. They may be straight, shaped, trimmed, flared, split front or back, to match or contrast with your boots, slashed, scalloped, crenulated or any other shape you may want to complete your boot.
Dagged Cuff
Catalog# DC1
Turned Down and Crenelated
Shaped Cuff
Catalog# DC2
Attached and Shaped
Straight Cuff
Catalog# DC3
Straight and Attached
Slashed Cuff
Catalog# DC4
Slashed, Bloused and Attached
Side Split Cuff with Ribbon
Catalog# DC5
Side Split with Ribbon Applique
Split Front Cuff
Catalog# DC 6
Split Front
Flared cuff with metal accents
Catalog# DS7
Flared Cuff
DS7 - metal stud accents
DS7a - contrasting banding, rhinestone accents
Flared cuff with contrasting banding, rhinestones
Catalog# DS7a
Turned Down Suede Cuff
Catalog# DC8
Turned Down Suede Cuff
Attached Slashed Cuff
Catalog# DC 9
Attached Slashed Cuff
Attached suede cuff with applique
Catalog# DC10
Attached suede cuff with applique
Scalloped cuff, 2 color slash inserts
Catalog #DC11
Scalloped cuff, 2 color slash inserts
Lace Closures
Laces to fasten your boots may be located in the front, back or sides and be with or without a tongue.
Boot side lace
Catalog# DL1
Side Lace without Tongue
Boot side lace
Catalog# DL2
Side Lace with Tongue
Slipper side laces
Catalog# DL3
2 Side Laces without Tongue
Boot side lace with side inset
Catalog# DL4
Side Lace with Suede Detail