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Soles Thru Time
Youíve found your Source for custom Renaissance; Medieval; Fantasy and Science Fiction inspired shoes and boots

For Men and Women
Boots and slippers

Our footwear designs use museum collections, period art work, and cinema for inspiration or can be your own design. All historic periods are possible.

Orthopedic problems? We do that too.

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From Facebook post July 21, 2009
Paul has new shoes! Custom made by Soles thru time, they fit perfectly and are incredibly comfortable. I sent them a picture of the shoes I wanted and found them very easy to work with; they delivered exactly what I wanted. I recommend them highly.

Paul Giles

Yes--they fit. They are so sweet. Right now I can only dance around a little. I will try to get a pic. Now I have to build a Tudor around them. I went to the ER yesterday and have to have some tests this week. That's why I am late in responding. I may have to rethink a Tudor to not include anything tight.

I got the shoes. They fit beautifully and are truly lovely. I replaced the laces on the outside of the shoe with silk ribbon and the shoes are stunning. I'll be showing them off as soon as I get out of the cast.

Thank you for such quality workmanship and for making this process so easy.

Hi Mary,

Happy New Year. The boots worked out wonderfully. The choir director thought they were great. With the buzz around the Holidays I did not ge to send you pictures. I will do that this weekend. Thank you again for working with us. I really enjoyed it!

I got my shoes today!!! thanx a bunch! i love them!
i will send you pix of the whole thing next week!

Eye Candy!!!!! Boy do they look handsome....I'm actually glad you sent me the pix before you shipped them, otherwise I would have seen the pix and asked you to ship them whatever got them here the fastest, which also would be the most $$$$ I feel like a little kid again waiting for Christmas to finally come!!

Boots are here, currently on my feet, they look great and fit perfectly!

Seriously, I'm thrilled with how they turned out. The grey leather is spot-on and looks great with the darker grey cuff. We'll be taking photos this weekend and I'll send them off to you shortly after that.

Also thank you for including the Historical Yellowpages! What great resource, expect I'll be spending tonight reading through it (while wearing my uber-cool boots).

Greetings! Sorry, I just go caught up with studies and forgot that you had asked for a photo of myself. What kind of photo would you like? Does it have to include the boots? I have attached the photos I have. Tell me if they work for you. By the way, the boots are just a bit small, but they fit firmly once I get them on. Thank you for your service!

They just arrived and they are amazing. Of course, Peter won't see his until first thing tomorrow when we gather to dance. For myself, they fit splendidly.

And they are indeed beautiful.

Morris dancers

Ryan in Final Fantasy costume
I got them in and my god! they look amazing! I'll try to get a few pictures done for you soon.
Now I am thinking I might need a matching pair of leather gauntlets to go with the boots, but yes, so very happy to have received them.
I canít express how much of a kid at Christmas time I feel like.

Ryan at Final Fantasy convention

Brandon as Stormtrooper
Mary and Mario:
I wanted to write to both of you and let you know how much I appreciate all the hard work and dedication you put forth into the clonetrooper boots. Aw the heck with that.................................

Holy Smokin Catfish Batman :) It was a freakin Grand Slam Homerun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Absolutely AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME...............FREAKIN STELLAR AWESOME :)

Both of you are to be exceptionally commended. You have exceeded my expectations 100-fold, I was totally speechless with the quality of workmanship. It is sometimes hard to picture in your mind what to expect when all you have to look at is a picture. Mary and Mario, if I could I would hug both of you. Mary, your sincere heartfelt interest in the STAR WARS universe, passion, desire and motivation to determine what it takes to not only get it right as close as possible and to not make the sale final until the customer has been 100% satisfied is unparalleled including investing your personal monies for the sake of R & D to determine how to make something that hasn't been done before.
Mario, you stand alone in my mind as one of 3 people (yourself, Mary and Anne) to devote your passion, desire, sincerity, dedication and hard work to ensure that I've always been totally happy and 100% satisfied with your product.
I'm truly honored to have found you through Mary.

Over the numerous times I've been to various costuming events, I
wish you both could have heard all the compliments I've received about the costumes, leather work, detail and quality of workmanship. It is truly an honor and privilege to share with them the knowledge I have of knowing and working with both of you to make the costumes as accurate and of the highest quality possible.

You both serve to continue to motivate me to pursue additional costumes.

To both of you...................THANK-YOU :)

Sincerely, Your friend and Very Satisfied costumer and customer

Matt and friend at Comic Con

Nick and Tony at Comic Con

I will put the whole costume on and take several pictures today. I will send the pics tonight. Your guys in the shop RULE!!!!! They are truly the best. Please pass on my deep gratification for all of their hard work. The wait was definitely worth it.

THANKS GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sheldon Ewers
Now a complete Dark Side Anakin (Glove andAll) Again, You Guys Are The Best.


Thanks Mary, I really appreciate it. I donít have any loose pics on this PC but I have several websites that they can look at or you can grab pics from that. This way you can see what my old gown looks like. My new one wont have pictures until the Faire opens.

I wanted to drop you a line to let you know how much I appreciate the work, skill and talent that goes into the shoes that you make. It is near impossible to find handmade, historical shoes of this quality anywhere anymore. True craftsmen are a rare thing to find and it is so wonderful that you have such skill and provide such a service.

I have been involved in historical re-enactments for the past 18 years. I teach Elizabethan history as well as the history of the US Civil War at Faires, events and schools through out the State of California. My costumes have been shown on the Travel Channel, Showtime and A&E.

Thanks again for helping make my gowns more beautiful.
Deirdre Sargent Que

Deidre as Queen Elizabeth

Scott at Valhalla
Hi Mary,
I wanted to report in after wearing the shoes for a weekend at Valhalla Ren Faire. They were amazing. They fit so well and looked so good. People raved over them all weekend. They were great to dance in and a vast improvement over my old shoes. There were a couple of small finish details that I thought could have been done better, but , overall, I am very pleased with them.(We reworked the details)

Thank you so much for all of your help and for a great pair of shoes.

Best wishes,

I received the box yesterday and WOW!!!!!!!! I absolutely love the boots. They are so accurate its crazy! The tabards are beyond belief and I am almost scared how good the glove is going to look. Words cannot describe how happy I am with all you and your guys have done for me. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART. Soles Thru Time have no rival. You are the best. Please thank Mario and the rest of your crew for me.

Sheldon Ewers, TK0192/SL0192, 501st Legion, Midwest Garrison


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