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Budget Shoes

Catalog#: Ankle BB1, Mid Calf BB2, or Knee BB3
Boots, No Cuff, Rounded Toe

Catalog# BS1
Slippers, Cuff, Side Laces, Pointed Toe

Catalog# BS2
Slippers, Pointed Toe, Side Laces
Made to Size Historical Footwear
These popular styles are available at a budget price with the most requested options. The colors available are Black, Light Grey, Dark Grey, Brown, and Beige. The soles are rubber and all styles are unlined. You can choose either round or pointed toes on all styles and cuff or no cuff on the slippers.

Please ensure accuracy when ordering. Shoes are made to order and are not returnable. We will make every effort to ensure your satisfaction. Production time is 4 weeks.

If you require a delivery time less than 4 weeks, it is considered a rush order and a 25% surcharge will be added to the price.
Slippers $115
Ankle Boots $115
Mid Calf Boots $160
Knee High Boots $250
Order Information
Boots Ankle
Mid Calf
Knee High
Slippers No Cuff
Toes Pointed
Size Width

Shipping Costs are the same as custom boots.

Please use the size chart below to check your metric size. If you don't know your metric size stand on a metric ruler and read the length of your foot at it's longest point. When ordering use the metric size, in cm. If you have an unusually high instep, narrow heels or anything else that makes ready to wear shoes fit poorly; use the measurement instructions for custom shoes. We’ll use those measurements to select a last closest to your measurements. If you are at all concerned about the fit, please send your measurements as added insurance for a correct fit.

The shoes will be made without a fitting at the budget price. If we feel that we cannot give you a proper fit without doing a fitting, you will be advised of our concern. If you chose to forgo the fitting, we will do our best to make your shoes but will not be responsible for the cost of fixing them if they do not fit.

Mens Sizes
8 27 cm
8 1/2 27 1/2 cm
9 28 cm
9 1/2 28 1/2 cm
10 29 cm
10 1/2 29 1/2 cm
11 30 cm
11 1/2 30 1/2 cm
12 31 cm
12 1/2 31 1/2 cm
13 32 cm
Specify Width D or E

Womens Sizes
5 22 1/2 cm
5 1/2 23 cm
6 23 1/2 cm
6 1/2 24 cm
7 24 1/2 cm
7 1/2 25 cm
8 25 1/2 cm
8 1/2 26 cm
9 26 1/2 cm
9 1/2 27 cm
10 27 1/2 cm
10 1/2 28 cm
Specify Width M or W