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Soles Thru Time
You’ve found your Source for custom Renaissance; Medieval; Fantasy and Science Fiction inspired shoes and boots

For Men and Women
Boots and slippers

Our footwear designs use museum collections, period art work, and cinema for inspiration or can be your own design. All historic periods are possible.

Orthopedic problems? We do that too.

Ankle Boots
Medieval pull on, laced, buttoned, or buckled; with and without cuffs; round, squared or pointed toe in your choice of colors.

Medieval Costume and Fashion by Herbert Norris
Assorted boots from the reign of Henry IV and Henry V
Medieval boot with square toe and open laced front
Other Variations
Catalog #AB1
Soft, square toe, open laced front
Historical reference for side lace
Medieval Costume and Fashion by Herbert Norris
Middle class ankle boot from the early 15th century
ankle boot with side laces and pointed toe
Other Variations
Catalog #AB2
Soft, seamed, pointed toe, Contrasting cuff, Side laces

Shoes The Complete Sourcebook by John Peacock
German 1480-1499
Ankle boot with turned down cuff
Other Variations
Catalog #AB3
Turned down, suede cuff, Side laces, Soft, unseamed, round toe
Italian boot
Shoes The Complete Sourcebook by John Peacock
Illustration 14th century Italian demi boot, low boot, man's ankle boot
Italian demi boot
close up View
Catalog #AB4
c. 1375 to 1399, Pointed, hard, seamed toe, Rolled open front suede cuff
wrapped ankle boot
Illustration of Medieval boot
wrapped ankle boot
Catalog #AB5
Soft, upturned toe with ankle wrap and leather ties